Hostal Las Fresas was borned to provide a hosting service for tourists, who need to stay overnight near the Jorge Chavez International Airport, providing a quality service at a fair price.
Our hostel was opened in 2005. My father, Paulino, was the one had the idea to change our home to a hostel. At first it was difficult to adapt ourselves to change, a lot of things happened, things we didn’t even imagine before getting into this business. But my father persevered and survived in the hotel market.

From 2005 to 2009, our rooms were offered only to local clients and services were limited, but the business benefits were sufficient for the welfare of the family.
With the passage of time were dwindling revenues, increasing demands and competition alike. A strong crisis began in the organization.

Therefore, in 2010, Victor (I), managed the way to change the hostel into a tourist hostel, placing it on the internet and thanks to this, we had new experiences.
Now everything is different, we changed our facilities, and upgraded our rooms to offer to national and foreign tourists who need a place to sleep and be near to the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

I used to be dedicated only to study and work into the bussines for help my father, but then customers increased and the work was even more difficult, so we had to hire more people to improve our service and offer something that we think it has been lost in the hotel industry. And it is the sense of hospitality; many brands are now focused on efficiency, reduce costs and get more customers but have forgotten the real essence of hospitality.

We are convinced that hospitality is to offer personalized service and dedicate ourselves to give our best to each of our clients. For example: Accompany a guest to take a public bus to the city center, with a call for help solving a problem with your airline and many other details that have no cost but are of great value to the customer.

It's been a long process since the Hostal was opened to customers and we are still learning. Today, Hostal Las Fresas exists on the internet, there are many comments and information about us. We have met many guests who are incredibly now our friends. Everything has been wonderful and now we want to reach a position as a national and international brand.
Luego tantos años nos mantenemos con la firme convicción de continuar brindando a nuestros clientes un servicio de calidad e ir incorporando nuevos y mejores servicios de acuerdo a las exigencias del mercado de hoy así como para la satisfacción del cliente, nuestra razón de ser.

After so many years we stay with the firm conviction to continue providing our customers quality service and incorporate new and better services according to market requirements today and for customer satisfaction, our reason for being.